Mission Statement

Dear student,
While you are stepping into the new world full of struggle, challenges and opportunities. Life is full of surprises. You never know when the biggest surprise shell step into your door with an opportunity of luck.
But remember there is a wonderful power lying hidden within ourselves we just need to stire up to action and discover the wonderful power lying unused within our own self.
I feel proud to state that ‘VIVEK JYOTI’ as the name proves is once again to light the guiding lamp of knowledge has lit field of science and technology to brighten up your career and enlighted the world.

We mold our students achieving academic excellence, character building, all around development and moreover a polished and disciplined youth. No institution or nation can rise to glory without a rich and disciplined culture
The education imparted to you at “VIVEK JYOTI” will help you to again information & transformation, making you confident and provocation leaders in top positions 
“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with brickes that others throw at him” So fear not and be ready for the opportunity when it comes. This is the secret to “success” And hear’s one opportunity, never to be lost.
Well come to gateway of a challenging & blooming career in the field of science, technology and education. Which is the need of the hour.

With best wishes.

(Gopal Rao Alker)



Vivek Jyoti Higher Secondary School Balaghat

The Vivek Jyoti School is high level efforts which present pitcher is the result of many efforts. In the organization we give a complete library new technique and the laboratory of fullness equipment, a large study room and the beautiful environment of study, Apart from that the complete guidance of the teachers for the bright future of students. Its the number one organization in the education sector, which credit goes to our organization deciplen which is made by our expert teacher’s team who complete understand of the efforts of our work concept of our teachers.

The today result of our organization is dedicated and hard work of our organizations staff by the keep of tradition and psychology of student made the structure of education and base of organization.

The only hope from our student is only that they gave education type of our mythology hero Arjuna. Decide your aim and hit with the help of their dedicated and determination they can succeed in the life.

Because of they are the dreams of our new India. So we want from our students that they grow their intelligent, truth ness hard work and go ahead.